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The best of EDMS plus some exciting new enhancements.

CAP is the full-service online platform aimed at Corporate Services teams doing business in the Cayman Islands. It includes the basics you need to  efficiently and securely connect with ROC, along with tools to help streamline business processes.

Document e-Delivery

The documents you request from General Registry are encrypted and electronically deposited right into your CAP portal – giving you 24X7 secure access to your client information. Large documents are quickly and easily uploaded to your secure portal, no need to risk having your documents blocked by email or mail servers.

My Contacts

Manage directors, officers and other contacts within the system. When updating directors, simply select them from your contacts rather than manually entering them each time.  Any contact in your database can be linked to multiple entities, and adjustments can be stored and actioned when appropriate for filing.

Enhanced Features

An integrated entity management solution that streamlines your connection with ROC.

Entity Management

Easily manage your Entity information at a glance.  The new CAP upgrade feature allows you to create and store any information you need to manage your entities. Save documents, tie directors to an entity and update entity information all from within the system.

Tasks & Workflows

Manage your client requests seamlessly from start to finish and group service requests into tasks for easy and in-one-place management. This add-on allows you to create tasks producing time saving workflows, freeing agent resources up for more technical work,  as  it manages and identifies critical deadlines and the work allocation between resources.

Outlook Integration

The majority of client requests come to agents through Outlook.  The CAP Connector add-on allows you to send client requests directly from Outlook into CAP with the click of a button for efficient processing and tracking.

Join the CAP Community

We are committed to the continuous innovation of our systems and processes to support our intention of being the best jurisdiction to conduct business in. To support that, we want to keep the conversation going between agents, ROC, technical providers, and human dynamics experts. Take advantage of this membership opportunity to take part in ongoing portal conversations for future development of the portal and quarterly sessions for learning, networking, updates, requirements gathering, feedback and closing the loop. This is a great opportunity for agents looking to positively influence Corporate Services in the Cayman Islands.

New Services

Annual Returns Batch Download

Coming Soon! Once your Annual returns (batches) are approved, you can download all approved certificates in bulk.

Tax Exemption Certificate

Tax exemption certificates protect Exempted Companies, Limited Partnerships and Trusts in the event that taxation is introduced to the Cayman Islands. Tax exemption certificates can be processed through CAP now.